Wednesday, July 11, 2012 and Visual EDU

The days of the great debaters have come to a close. The trump to end any argument has become: "Really? Let me google that."  With the invention of mobile phones, and powerful search tools like google and wikipedia, knowledge has become open source.  Similar technological advancements have opened up the way for online video databases.  This has already proved to be the gateway to allow users to create the vlog world. gives us a taste of how visual knowledge can become open sourced.

Visual Knowledge
 What's the next chapter?  I want to bring to the attention of anyone who might read this blog the idea of visual education, which would be made available to the public ( ewitty, july 2012 ).  To summarize, it has been suggested that educators in the community come together to record their knowledge on video and enter it categorically to a central website. This isn't exactly revolutionary ( ecnarb, january 2010 ) but it's potential has been overlooked. This is not to undermine or change dvtv, but rather a call to arms on creating a sister site somewhat like aslized which would screen submissions.   This is for the benefit of visual learners of any age. This would potentially add an important element to learning, which is being able to express what you have learned.

I don't have the know-how to get such a web page running, however I felt it was an idea that deserved advertising across blogs as well.  As a native user of sign language, and whats more a visual learner, I am fascinated by this idea. Is this next chapter within reach? Certainly.


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